Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Makeup haul & swatches!!

a week ago, i had an awesome trustworthy seller online to order
for me in sephora.and today my item finally arrived,
it's the new line from TOKIDOKI @ sephora. i couldn't help but grinned looking at this beautiful little casing.

(FYI: the other two are from Mac "Liberty of London" )

though i only ordered 2 shadows and one limited edition palette, but it's good enough
to add on in my makeup babies.

"choco" on left "donutella" on right.

i can't help but just scream KAWAII!!! the colors are very pigmented and as of now,
i pretty sure you know how much i'm inlove w/ neutral colors.
these were the two that i had my eyes on for the longest time.

the cover is just too cute!! ^^

"Cromatico Eyeshadow" palette.
from left-right: diamante, rubino, romeo, nancy rocks

as a makeup fanatic this palette is the most cutest i have ever seen.
love the colors, very PIGMENTED!! and the best of all i wanted more of the single e/s but instead i could have more at a reasonable price if i get the palette.

overall, i think this beats smashbox tokidoki palette.
i own two and comparing them sephora's tokidoki e/s is worth it.

moving on,

few weeks ago i checked out Mac's counter and they have these babies flashing right at me, i swear like those gilttering and light effect w/ "hallelujah" vocalizing at the side made me drool over this collection.

beautiful eyeshadow "birds and berries"

of course a veluxe pearl so definitely PIGMENTED!!
the packaging is also beautiful, something to match w/ my purple eyeshadows.


this one is also a limited edition lipglass in "frankly fresh"

the best lipglass i've ever own, matched my color (NC40-42).
it's nude/peach and matches my skin tone, i was disappointed though that i couldn't get my hand on "peachstock" it was sold out. but ordered online, hopefully if your makeup fanatic like me and was sold out try your luck online.

anyways, that's all for now.
till next time <3

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