Wednesday, April 28, 2010

maybelline natural smoke.

hey readers!

i've read many good reviews of maybelline expert eyes quad smokey eyes and just wanted to try it out.
so i went to my nearest drugstore and grabbed "natural smoke"

left: w/ flash right: w/o flash

i love how its embedded w/ words prior to indicate where to apply the shadow.

very pigmented and looks great w/ my skintone and it also compliments nude lipstick.

i also love how it come w/ different direction in the back on how to wear them, either neutral to smoky.

and i wear 'em today and i had few people complimenting my e/s look.

maybe it's me or maybe it's maybelline~~~~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

swatch + BB cream review!

been wanting to try out one of Paul and Joe lipstick!
i grabbed # 29..

a peachy nude color!
i love how it's sheer and shimmery, i had to do 4 swatches on my hand.
i also love how its smell.. this particular lipstick would match any outfits, also bling out the lips due to the glitters.

i've been using BB creams for a year now, i've tried dr. jart & skinfood
but by far Missha's BB cream topped my listing.
i've collect 3 of their best sellers. fyi: i have really oily skin on my t-zone area
and my skin color is medium.

(from l-r: vita, shiny, and perfect cover (#23) )

the best one yet is Missha VITA (gold) the best BB cream i've tried so far.

matches skin tone after few minutes
hides blemishes and scarring
smells great
lightweight on face
doesn't give me breakout

makes you look a little darker
gets oily
fades due to sweating

rate: 4.5/5 just because i have to re-apply this about twice throughout the day because of our warm and sunny weather. i recommend a blot powder to use w/ this item.

(from l-r: vita, shiny, perfect cover)

vita has a pink beige color, great to cover any redness and scarring on the face.
shiny has a nude beige color, kind of shimmery.. similar to Revlon's Photoready foundation in 'natural beige'.
perfect cover #23 has a nude beige color also similar to Revlon's Colorstay either could pass up to 'medium beige' or 'natural beige'

shiny (white and silver) BB cream is the last thing i wanted to try out. when i swatch and blended the colors in the back of my hand i thought that its way too shimmery to apply to my oily skin.

great for highlighting
covers blemish and scarring
smells great
create a healthy glowing reflection

way too shimmery
gets oily through the end of the day
makes my face more shiny due to the shimmer
hence makes my face more oily

rate: 3/5

i would give this BB cream another shot to use as foundation base, maybe when
i go somewhere cold. this BB cream is really not a good base to use at a tropical area.

here's how it look when its spread a little bit, now you could easily tell 'vita' is a tad lighter than the other two. you could also tell that 'shiny' and 'perfect cover #23' is similar.

Missha's hottest selling product Perfect Cover BB cream. i was skeptical at first but when it was trending back then i had to get my hand on one.

matches skintone
great spf
covers my dark circle, blemish, scarring, and redness.
great use as a foundation base or alone itself
feels like silicon when applied

made me break out
makes you a little dark at the end of the day

rate: 4.5/5

may sound great and apply great, but still doesn't do justice when i break out.

this is how it looks when thoroughly spread out.


another sunday to celebrate my 3rd bday bash!
which is a surprise bday at the beach~
spending good times w/ co-workers and i mus say delicious food!

it was a huge cake! thnks to my wonderful friends and boss!

one of my good friend made this for me~ one of my favorite filipino dish!
i almost teared devouring this mouthwatering dish!

had a great time just chilling at a hot breezy day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mini haul!

went DFS today and bought some makeup necessities!
from left to right: Benefit "primpcess", shue eumura, and anna sui glossy rouge in 701.

i've been dying to get the shue eumura eyelash curler finally i have it..
i bought it for $11 while online its about $19.. if anyone is interested i'm taking a survey.

"primpcess" box! adorable box w/ every eye necessities in there!

the eyeshadows are the same from the "big beautiful eyes" palette.
light beige for the accent, shimmery pink w/ beige undertone for contour, and dark brown for the liner.

it also come with a tiny jar of "rsvp" shimmery pink/nude.

and detailed tutorial on how to put it on!

pigmented colors
comes w/ boo-ing and bad gal mascara (best seller)
i love how it's a travel set
comes w/ a tutorial


anna sui spring collection lipstick rouge!

love the box and love the casing!!! super cute!

they had glossy, sparkle, and tint! i picked glossy in "701"

i love this lippy! it goes on light to dark.. and super glossy!!

maybe i'll do a review on this one when i get the one of each lippy
from the collection.. i've been eyeing on the sparkly lippy one.

thnk you for reading!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

h-logic eyeshadow blends

did an eyemakeup on my sister.
trying to copy this..


from Hyori Lee's H-logic 2010 album cover.

full pic here >> H-Logic

sorry for the LQ of the picture.
could've been better if i had an HD camera. TT_TT


products used:
pop beauty mocha eyes(copper/tan e/s)
nyx jumbo pencil in "cottage cheese"
black eyeshadow
lorea'l lineur liquid liner in black
black mascara

check out her latest video for "chitty chitty bang bang"

also did an eye makeup using sephora's tokidoki using "cromatico" quad and M-A-C "liberty of london" birds and berries single eyeshadow. (apparently sold out online)


thnks for viewing. ^^

good 'ol sunday branch.

great food. good service. good value. fun.
2nd bday branch for me and my mom's bday.

i had honey cajun crispies, seasoned fries, seasoned corn on a cob.

best cajun sauce evahhh~

and the others platters.

mom's baby back ribs platter.

and to top it off some really yummy dessert.

ack!! i love this stuff. molten lava chocolate cake w/ ice cream on top. *nom nom*

really yummy hot fudge chocolate in the middle.

not the best cheesecake i've ever eaten.

way to lemony and creamy, almost buttery taste like.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


celebrating my 21st birthday just w/ my beautiful family.
the best part about my special day is that i get to share it w/ my mom
whom has the same birthday as i do.

turning 21 is refreshing, just something to look out for the new beggining
of becoming another year older and of course entering woman-hood.

can't wait to start up another goal and hope to reach it when i turned 22.

anyways, enough w/ the yapping.. my family and i went to one of my favorite restaurant and best of all they had my favorite cuisine waiting for me to devour.

i had sautee'd crab/muscles/suquid, paella, fresh lumpia, and braised fish.

and for dessert i made me "halo-halo" something like patbingsoo but this one
had mixture of jello, tapioca balls, purple yam, and coconut strip w/ custard on top.

"halo-halo" in filipino and "mix" in english..
its a very popular snack or dessert in the phillipines. some even put ice cream on top and add cereal as mixture, add some super crushed ice and pour some milk on top.

my nephew who kept running away from our table and wandering around the restaurant. haha!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Makeup haul & swatches!!

a week ago, i had an awesome trustworthy seller online to order
for me in sephora.and today my item finally arrived,
it's the new line from TOKIDOKI @ sephora. i couldn't help but grinned looking at this beautiful little casing.

(FYI: the other two are from Mac "Liberty of London" )

though i only ordered 2 shadows and one limited edition palette, but it's good enough
to add on in my makeup babies.

"choco" on left "donutella" on right.

i can't help but just scream KAWAII!!! the colors are very pigmented and as of now,
i pretty sure you know how much i'm inlove w/ neutral colors.
these were the two that i had my eyes on for the longest time.

the cover is just too cute!! ^^

"Cromatico Eyeshadow" palette.
from left-right: diamante, rubino, romeo, nancy rocks

as a makeup fanatic this palette is the most cutest i have ever seen.
love the colors, very PIGMENTED!! and the best of all i wanted more of the single e/s but instead i could have more at a reasonable price if i get the palette.

overall, i think this beats smashbox tokidoki palette.
i own two and comparing them sephora's tokidoki e/s is worth it.

moving on,

few weeks ago i checked out Mac's counter and they have these babies flashing right at me, i swear like those gilttering and light effect w/ "hallelujah" vocalizing at the side made me drool over this collection.

beautiful eyeshadow "birds and berries"

of course a veluxe pearl so definitely PIGMENTED!!
the packaging is also beautiful, something to match w/ my purple eyeshadows.


this one is also a limited edition lipglass in "frankly fresh"

the best lipglass i've ever own, matched my color (NC40-42).
it's nude/peach and matches my skin tone, i was disappointed though that i couldn't get my hand on "peachstock" it was sold out. but ordered online, hopefully if your makeup fanatic like me and was sold out try your luck online.

anyways, that's all for now.
till next time <3


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