Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybelline eye studio + Lorea'l color appeal

i guess you all heard about it.

the new eyeshadow line by Maybelline, although i could only stock up w/ one quad
i am no yet satisfied. i love all the colors, since i'm a natural eyeshadaw kind of gal, i fell in love w/ "sunset seduction".. very neutral and shimmery.

i do love all the colors but when it comes to pigmented wise it lack of that area..

i haven't tried the rest of the eye studio eyeshadows yet, so forth i have no clue if i could rate this baby yet.

it just lack of pigmentation but its super cute and neutral and gives enough shimmer.

so forth, i was wandering at my job the other day and checked out the cosmetic area.
i found few cosmetic that was featured in Japan magazine and when i saw this baby i couldn't help it but grabbed one and make a review of it.

this baby is sold only in few drugstore and sold many at UK outlets.
this little jewel price ranges to $7. or up.. i had my employee discount so i got it for a little less.

there was only 3 left at the counter and of course since i'm the neutral kind of gal i had to pick out the neutral colored one.

i love the pigmentation and shimmer of this eyeshadow.. this dou is "beige and taupe".. fyi: this is made in italy. how cool is that!

i can't wait to stock up more and try their blushes as well.
i'm a sucker anything that is made in the UK or anything that is published at
Japan magazine.

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