Saturday, August 29, 2009

eye makeup look + review!

hello readers!

another eye makeup look for ya'll!

purple and brown...


*fyi don't mind my blowing hair.. lol


yes i think i'm going biased on purple lately. <33

it's a very neutral look.. one of my fave look actually.

these are the 2 colors i used below


sparkly brown from "28 neutral palette"
oh snap! - lancome eyeshadow

anyways on the other note...

hearing good reviews on "28 neutral palette"?

well i'm here to tell you that is the best eyeshadow palette ever (well for me)
all makeup lovers should get one.. i'm in love w/ this palette. it's cheap and lots of lovely variety of colors.

i got this palette a month ago from ebay and it's cheaper and also the same as the one from coastalscents. so yep get your 28 neutral palette now!

and the REVIEW

todays review is ....


BENEFIT'S ultimate eye base primer more info here..

been wanting these since i saw one of my fave. makeup guru who did a review on it.
but here are my 2 cents.

1. last all day long
2. doesn't make eyeshadow crease


those are the 2 reason whay i wanted to get one but the problem is that this eye base should make all eyeshadow color vibrant but i think it only works for benefit eyeshadows... so that kind of made me upset..

(ugh! they don't sell UDPP in here that's why.. and i'mdon't really like TFSI)

but in the other note i love how it last all day and it doesn't crease at all even though i sweat bullets.. :DDD

i give it a 4.5/5 stars

anyways see you readers laters!

<3 nin

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