Thursday, April 30, 2009

coupons & savings.

i know, i know...

i haven't been here quite a while and haven't been checking my blog.
i ordered bunch of items online these months which i will swatch them when i have time.

and also i received lots of coupons and saving in my email... (no wonder i'm getting broke cause i keep receiving lots of goodies on my email lately and so tempting to use.)

but now i will share and this includes worldwide to oks!

here's few from elf. (

free elf kabuki brush w/ any purchased use promo code EGKABUKP on checkout.

click on banner.

and here's lots of savings (basically just free shipping..)

enter EGSTUDIOX on checkout.

click on banner.

and this is from ULTA
free shippig on any order over $25 use promo code 33055.

this is a great deal buy something for your mom on mother's day and keep the free samples.

this is only for U.S.

and lastly from DIOR


oh well loves.. that's all i have for today..


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