Tuesday, March 17, 2009

samples and freebies! ^^

ugh.. haven't updated a while. been busy digging hole for some cash to pay off my debt TT_TT well not really.

anyways, since i can't afford any awesome make up like the one on sale at hautelook today (stilla) TT_TT i did some searches on freebies and samples.

just wanted to share to everyone and since i'm not from U.S. (just territory) i get to
to share w/ you gals these awesome freebies and samples that ships WORLDWIDE! yay!

first off

mascara sample from mary kay

( this is only for the US resident including territories.) =D
sign up is all you need to do.

face skin test.

(WORLDWIDE) free face skin test sample.

no dark lips samples.

(WORLDWIDE)hmm.. i just signed up anyways.


(WORLDWIDE) sign up quick!! =D same goes to the loose powder click on "complimentary sample"

enjoy ladies!
see you soon~

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