Saturday, March 21, 2009

outfit matchmaker =P

yay! back w/ another blogging!
anyways, waited in the crib for bout 2 hours for my ride to go work,
while i was at it, i've made this ar polyvore.
basically it's where you make your own outfit.

here's mine....

my daily wear (close enough)

daily wear


..colors are my daily wear.. japanese style has something to do w/ it also.
i've been reading loads and loads of pinky and vivi lately ( actually just looking at pictures.. can't read jap *smack self*)

i say ivory/beige colors match w/ sand dust colored jeans/shorts and
gold accessories are also a must have w/ these outfit.

and here's my night wear..

night wear

black and gold w/ a hint of red.

lovely colors to wear specially when going wild and out at a club or just a fun night out w/ the galpals.

i usually don't wear red colors as an outfit but i wear red lipstick on my lips.
lovely colors on medium fair skin specially if your wearing the right outfit.

gold or black eyeshadow?
when i wear gold and black outfit i rather let my red lipstick do the talking, but i realize my eyes need some attention too.. (make up tuts.... to be continued..)

overall these outfits are way over budget but you can always look for exact or similar clothing w/ a much affordable price. [i.g. yesstyle(WORLDWIDE), f21(WORLDWIDE) ]

i also have the gold heart necklace in hand if anyone is interested hit me up.

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LoveMandee said...

This Polyvore site is so useful~~ I love your day style, very hip but feminine :3


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