Monday, March 9, 2009

japan yummy snacks. <3

"po-po-po-pocky face" :P

so today i was craving for some yummy goodies.
i was searching online last night looking for some delicious pocky desserts
that i thought they don't sell here in my place but i was wrong.

i went to "tokyo mart" and saw bunches of yummies in the side of the counter.
i always pass by that side and never check it out. so today i did and let me tell you
all the japanese goodies from meiji to lots of variety of pocky was there waiting for me to grab and purchase them and devour each one. lol! well not really.

but here it is.. took some pics.. it was pretty expensive but if you would like to order online it's cheaper minus the shipping and handling.

strawberry short cake

let me tell ya!
it taste like "heaven", i don't know what "heaven" taste like but i know its really good! lol!
worth your money! recommend this to all who never tried pocky desserts before.

milky chocolate

dark chocolate w/ soft milky candy in the center.
not my fave. but sis loves it.

to try out some yummies from japan i recommend dars chocolate to everyone here's a link.

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