Saturday, March 21, 2009

outfit matchmaker =P

yay! back w/ another blogging!
anyways, waited in the crib for bout 2 hours for my ride to go work,
while i was at it, i've made this ar polyvore.
basically it's where you make your own outfit.

here's mine....

my daily wear (close enough)

daily wear


..colors are my daily wear.. japanese style has something to do w/ it also.
i've been reading loads and loads of pinky and vivi lately ( actually just looking at pictures.. can't read jap *smack self*)

i say ivory/beige colors match w/ sand dust colored jeans/shorts and
gold accessories are also a must have w/ these outfit.

and here's my night wear..

night wear

black and gold w/ a hint of red.

lovely colors to wear specially when going wild and out at a club or just a fun night out w/ the galpals.

i usually don't wear red colors as an outfit but i wear red lipstick on my lips.
lovely colors on medium fair skin specially if your wearing the right outfit.

gold or black eyeshadow?
when i wear gold and black outfit i rather let my red lipstick do the talking, but i realize my eyes need some attention too.. (make up tuts.... to be continued..)

overall these outfits are way over budget but you can always look for exact or similar clothing w/ a much affordable price. [i.g. yesstyle(WORLDWIDE), f21(WORLDWIDE) ]

i also have the gold heart necklace in hand if anyone is interested hit me up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

samples and freebies! ^^

ugh.. haven't updated a while. been busy digging hole for some cash to pay off my debt TT_TT well not really.

anyways, since i can't afford any awesome make up like the one on sale at hautelook today (stilla) TT_TT i did some searches on freebies and samples.

just wanted to share to everyone and since i'm not from U.S. (just territory) i get to
to share w/ you gals these awesome freebies and samples that ships WORLDWIDE! yay!

first off

mascara sample from mary kay

( this is only for the US resident including territories.) =D
sign up is all you need to do.

face skin test.

(WORLDWIDE) free face skin test sample.

no dark lips samples.

(WORLDWIDE)hmm.. i just signed up anyways.


(WORLDWIDE) sign up quick!! =D same goes to the loose powder click on "complimentary sample"

enjoy ladies!
see you soon~

Monday, March 9, 2009

NYX cosmetics.

look what came to the mail today!

woo! i've finally received my orders from cherryculture.
most of them are nyx cosmetics. we have them here but cc was on sale.

anyways here are my reviews.

NYX eyeshadow trio
NYX sparkle round lip-gloss
CC cherry lip gloss
NYX shadow brush #4

and also purchased NYX sheer lip gloss in Vintage (not in the pic)

eyeshadow trio w/ barely there, champagne, and root beer i love this trio not only its the sets of my fave. colors it has this shimmer and can be easily glided.
the colors are a little pigmented, i love blending root beer color w/ my smokey gray eyeshadow to create that smokey look. (will post tuts later)i give this 5 out of 5.

NYX SPARKLE lip gloss, not my fave. but it's very sparkly and shiny.
although the 'magenta' like color barely shows on my lips.
the more i apply the more the glitter and shimmer. here's how it suppose to look.

i give it 4 out of 5.

and now my most FAVORITE NYX lip gloss out of 'em all.

amazing nude color! i love the applicator and the color is just simply wonderful.
the nude color or rather say "vintage" color looks exactly like one of those candydoll cosmetics. i must say this one is super worth buying. i was in a almost impulse buy of the candydoll cosmetic to just get the nude lips. but i love how this lil NYX sheer lip gloss came about.

i give it a 5 out of 5!

CC is still on sale. i will go purchased more soon~

on the other note.

purchased few japanese cosmetics today and wanted to do a review.

LA pensee liquid eyeliner.

really good aplicator.
the color is not really that dark once apply.
i say about 2 to 3 times to get a darker shade.

but a really good product and very affordable.

if you would like to try one i'm selling for $4.00 shipped worldwide.

will do more japanese cosmtics review soon and make up tuts.

japan yummy snacks. <3

"po-po-po-pocky face" :P

so today i was craving for some yummy goodies.
i was searching online last night looking for some delicious pocky desserts
that i thought they don't sell here in my place but i was wrong.

i went to "tokyo mart" and saw bunches of yummies in the side of the counter.
i always pass by that side and never check it out. so today i did and let me tell you
all the japanese goodies from meiji to lots of variety of pocky was there waiting for me to grab and purchase them and devour each one. lol! well not really.

but here it is.. took some pics.. it was pretty expensive but if you would like to order online it's cheaper minus the shipping and handling.

strawberry short cake

let me tell ya!
it taste like "heaven", i don't know what "heaven" taste like but i know its really good! lol!
worth your money! recommend this to all who never tried pocky desserts before.

milky chocolate

dark chocolate w/ soft milky candy in the center.
not my fave. but sis loves it.

to try out some yummies from japan i recommend dars chocolate to everyone here's a link.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

cute pumps!

ok so been browsing around doing shopping so and so.
and came across at this super cute shoe that is made from JAPAN!

i would love to purchase one. i got my PP but it's all sold out =/
oh well, i'm still on the look out for it.

anyways check out this online shop blog

all items are all from JAPAN! happy shopping!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

easy 2 make yummie upside down cake.

ok so i've just baked my first 'pineapple upside down cake' pretty easy to make.
i thought i needed bunch of ingredients but only few i needed. i wanted to copy the exact ingredients but i don't have them on hand so i just used the one available in my cupboard.

anyhoo, took few pics of the yummie cake,

sadly it's all gone now~ my fambam and i finished all of it.

here are the ingredients:

~1 box of yellow cake mix
~ brown sugar (erm.. i guess just eyeball it)
~1 can of pineapple chunks

1. follow the instruction on the back of the cake mix box and mix the pineapple juice w/ the batter.
2. sprinkle lots or less (whatever you prefer) of the brown sugar on the pan.
3. add the pineapple chunks and sprinkle more brown sugar.
4. add the batter last.
5. bake maybe 20-25 min.

well this is my recipe for the easy 2 make 'upside down cake'.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

meiji chocolate mini bites.

oh~ who loves meiji??? I DO!! the best chocolate in the mother effing world!!
lol! well for me. here's a mouthwatering yummy creations from meiji!

mini cupcake chocolate

mini brownies

marshmallow dipped

kawaii choco. spoon

ice cream cookie choco. covered waffle

kyahh~ lots of yummies!! *drools*

check-out for fashion &lots of yummies!

make up. make up. make up.

i absolutely gone crazy shopping spree, hunting down make up w/ cheap prices.
bought lots at went crazy over NYX cosmetics cause i feel in love w/ the trio eyeshadow. ANTI-DIVA trio is gorgeous amazing pigmented colors.
and now i'm in the hunt of a nude beige lipgloss.

here's a simple "candy doll" tut.

i just love how it's done. =)

i'm still in a hunt for more cosmetics!


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