Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ipsy May 2013

Hi everyone!

So today i got my May 2013 sub from ipsy! I loved the new concept because we usually get the same item and now they do whatever matches your profile! I love makeup and I'm happy that they gave me all cosmetics this time because I'm not that fond with skincare or anything that deals with body/skin care.

The products i got, i love all the items from mirabella and anastasia!

This shade is very subtle and sheer.. sheer pink color!

It's a really pretty color! Anyways, once again I received this first before April's.. kind of weird but I love all the products that's in this bag and the bag look super cute too! Til next time~~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birchbox and Ipsy March 2013

Hi everyone!

So today i received my Birchbox for March 2013.. i was excited 'cause finally it reached my destination faster than last time, although, i haven't received my February box yet.  

The goodies inside the box! I was so excited that I have received a product from Benefit. So, the items that's inside the box are as follows:

Benefit benetint
Whish shave cream
Madewell nail filer
Hair Band twister
Elizabeth Arden "eight hour cream"
Miss Me spray

The only item i'm excited to use are the shaving cream (smells really yummy btw) and benetint!

It is pretty small but all you need is a little dab on lips and cheek to get that reddish flush.

I'm also in love with the smell of this shaving cream (its blueberry!) it's so delicious can't wait to try how it works on my skin since it moisturizes, soothes, and nourishes!
The products for this month is pretty ok.. i don't really know what to do with the twist band since i rarely tie my hair

Anyways, I also received my Ipsy glambag!! woo-hoo!! Finally right? I love this months 'cause they arrive here so fast!

This months theme is "the Great escape" .. i love it! The makeup bag that came with it is pretty cute.. i love the sailor/anchor design. The item that was inside the box are mainly products you may use when you are out and about in the sun!

Juicy Beauty face mist
La Fresh makeup remover
Glam Rx (magnetic palette)
2 mini eyeshadow (copper and pearl beige white)

The only product i like in the bag.. i'm not too fond with the mist and makeup remover.. I think Birchbox beat Ipsy this month! I prefer maybe a sunblock instead of a mist. Anyways, hopefully next month has much more fun products! Thank you for reading til next time~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

Hello readers!

So i'm here again with another post featuring Maybelline's color whisper. I am hooked because of it's lightweight and gel texture. The colors are pretty good too, i just love re-touching my lips w/ 'em like a lipbalm (which is btw, w/ just a lovely hint of colors).

The packaging is skinnier compare to the regular color sensation, but, i do love this packaging less bulky.

I got mine is "faint for fuchsia" and the infamous "petal rebel" that the advertisement model for this product wore.

w/o flash.. isn't cute? i love baby pinks!


just a comparison of w/ and w/o flash.. i'm really liking the staying power and how it makes my lips non-dry!
just wanted to post an update~ see ya'll later!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Julep Maven box (first box)

Hello readers!

So i gotten my first ever Julep box for $3.99 (s&h) yay! lol! I was allured by so many blogger getting a subscription for this because your first box is only for $0.99 and just pay the shipping and handling.
The site which is gives you a little quiz to see which "maven" are you.. if you don't like what you got, you can always re-do it! I got "boho glam" mix of creme nail lacquers and glitters!

Opening the box is like opening a Christmas present, which btw is the most thoughtful and artsy it was. The lacquers and "bonus" is securely wrapped in a pink bag w/ a ribbon tied, it's so cute i didn't wanna open it!

It is perfectly bubbled wrapped for extra protection! lol! And these are the shades i got below!

This got to be my favorite, i put a silver glitter over on top with the gray polish i got! This subscription is a bit pricey, it's $19.99 per month but you have an option to skip. Although i love all the items that came with my first "maven" box i'm not really fond with the colors selection. If i do like it, I will definitely get it.
I know that this is not the most accurate post but there are a lot of blog that will explain how it works... made me want to try Julep out. =)
Thank you so much for reading~


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